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Network Menu: Owners

The Owners feature accessed by selecting Network > Elements > Owners allows you to display detailed circuit information for the currently defined owner groups. By right-clicking an Owner and selecting View Demands, information for the demands associated with the currently selected owner can be displayed.

This feature is useful for link ownership identification. By defining an owner and associating certain demands with that owner, the task of bandwidth reconciliation is simplified. Service providers that carry the traffic of several companies use the owner feature to quickly determine the distribution of traffic in the network. For example, a business owner demands 1.544 megabits/second bandwidth over a network. That business owner owns that 1.544 megabit demand. The Owners information window allows you to see how bandwidth in a network is allocated to all such business owners.

  • View Demands: Selecting this button displays the View Demands window. This window will appear only if the selected owner group has been assigned to a demand.

  • Add: Opens the Add Owner dialog box which allows you to specify the name of the new owner.

  • Delete: Deletes the selected owner group.