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Network Menu: Admin Weight

The Admin Weight window accessed from the main menu Network > More > Admin Weight displays rules that can be used to set the default administrative weight (or link metric) for links to influence routing. Note that the specification of administrative weights in this window is overridden by distances explicitly set in the bblink file or linkdist file.

  1. You must first specify criteria to match a desired set of links, such as protocol and end node types.

  2. Then, you should specify the values of the weight variables. The fixed and variable weights determine how the link’s administrative weight is calculated. The formula is: Admin Weight = Fixed Weight + (Link Mileage * Variable Weight)

    where Link Mileage is calculated by NorthStar Planner and is always in miles. Link Mileage is based upon the “airline mileage”, or geographical distance between two points. The distance between two nodes is calculated based upon the coordinates in the muxloc file. The coordinates may be derived from the NPA NXX values (for the United States and Canada) or latitude and longitude values.


If the muxloc file does not contain any coordinates, this will lead to unpredictable results in the Admin Weight calculations.

  • Add: Opens the Add Admin Weight window which allows you to add a new administrative weight rule to the network. the selected administrative weight rule(s).

  • Modify: Opens the Modify Admin Weight window which allows you to modify the selected administrative weight rule(s).

  • Delete: Deletes the selected administrative weight rule(s) from the network.