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Add/Modify/Delete Static Routes

Select Network > Protocols > Static Route Table from the menu bar.

Adding a Static Route

In the Static Routing Table window, click on the Add button to open the Add Static Route window shown below.

Figure 1: Adding a static route Adding a static route

Fill in the appropriate fields. Click OK when finished. The Static Routing Table window should now contain a new entry reflecting the newly added static route.

Modifying a Static Route

To modify a static route table entry, highlight the row(s) you want to edit and click the Modify button. A Modify Static Route window will appear as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Modifying a static route Modifying a static route

Edit the appropriate fields. Click OK when finished.

The modifications to the static route should be reflected in the Static Routing Table window.

Deleting a Static Route

To delete static route(s), select the desired entries from the Static Routing Table window and click the Delete button.