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Set ECMP Subflows Based on Bandwidth

  • Users can manually define the number of subflows as defined above. Alternatively, they can use the default ECMP behaviour, which is to create 6 flows for every ECMP demands without count specification.

  • The default number of ECMP flows to be created for an ECMP demand can also be configured based on demand bandwidth via the ECMPcntByBW parameter in the project’s dparam file by adding in an entry with the format “ECMPcntByBW=[bandwidth:ECMPcount][|bandwidth:ECMPcount]*”

  • For example, ECMPcntByBW=300M:72|100M:32|50K:6 would be interpreted as follows:

    • An ECMP demand with bandwidth>=300M is split into 72 flows,

    • An ECMP demand with bandwidth>=100M is split into 32 flows,

    • An ECMP demand with bandwidth>=50K is split to 6 flows.

    • An ECMP demand with bandwidth<50K is kept as one flow.

  • This parameter can also be set in /u/wandl/db/misc/dparam.txt to change rtserver's default behaviour when ECMPcntByBW is not specified in the project’s dparam file.

  • For the changes to the dparam file to have effect, close the network before changing the parameter, and reopen the network after changing this parameter.