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Adding Traffic Demands in a VPN

For what-if studies, you can add multiple traffic demands between routers in the same VPN via the Add Multiple Demands window and single traffic demands via the Add Demand window.

  1. To add multiple demands for a VPN, select Modify > Elements > Demands, Add > Multiple Demands. From the Type select box in the Placement (A x Z) section, choose the desired VPN type. Then select a VPN to automatically populate the NodeA and NodeZ columns with routers from the selected VPN.
  2. Fill out the rest of the window with the desired specifications and then click “Add” to add the demands. The following figure shows an example where a full-mesh of 182 1M demands are added between the PE routers in a L3 VPN called INTER-AS.
    Figure 1: Adding a Full-Mesh of Demands in the VPN Called INTER-AS VPNsAdding a Full-Mesh of Demands in the VPN Called INTER-AS VPNs
  3. To add a single VPN demand, bring up the Add Demand window and find the particular VPN of interest under the Owner dropdown selection box. Note that if the owner is not listed, you may need to create it from the VPN window as explained in Forming VPN Customer Groups. Once a particular VPN (Owner) has been selected, proceed to specify node A and node Z routers, and any relevant attributes, as you would for any other demand. The following figure shows a demand being added for the VPN called L3VPN_PH44.
    Figure 2: Adding a Single VPN DemandAdding a Single VPN Demand