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Linking IP and Transport Layers

Sometimes, when interlayer links are initially loaded into the model, only the source is known. To complete the linking of the transport layer to the IP layer, you must supply the missing remote node (node Z) information in one of the ways described in the following sections:

Linking the Layers Manually

To provide the missing Node Z IP address for an interlayer link, perform the following steps:

  1. Select the Link tab in the network information table of the Web UI topology window. Highlight the link to be updated.

  2. Click Modify in the bottom tool bar to display the Modify Link window shown in Figure 1.

  3. In the Node Z field, use the drop-down menu to select the remote node.

  4. In the IP Z field, enter the IP address for the corresponding IP link on the remote node.

  5. Click Submit.

Linking the Layers Using an Open Source Script

Juniper Networks provides an open source script for use in completing the configuration of interlayer links. The script is particularly useful when there are a large number of interlayer links to configure at once.

Input File Requirements

The script requires an input file that identifies at least one side of each IP link. It is not necessary to include both sides of the IP links because the missing side can be determined from the transport circuits provided by the transport controller.

The text file must include just one mapping per interlayer link and must be formatted with just one mapping per line. If you are providing both sides of an IP link, use two lines, one per side.

The format of a mapping is:

transport-node-name|transport-link-ID IP-address

For example:


Run the Script

The script is installed at the following location on the NorthStar Controller server:


Run the script from the CLI using your username (full-access user group required), password, and input file:

./ --user=username --password=password input_file_name