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Configure LSP Delegation

Navigate to Network Management > Provisioning > Configure LSP Delegation to reach the Configure LSP Delegation window where you can select LSPs to either delegate to NorthStar Controller or remove from delegation.

Figure 1 shows the Configure LSP Delegation window.

Figure 1: Configure LSP Delegation WindowConfigure LSP Delegation Window

Click the check boxes for the desired LSPs on either the Add Delegation or Remove Delegation tab. You can also Check All or Uncheck All. Then click Submit at the bottom of the window.

When you add or remove delegation to/from the NorthStar Controller using this operation, the delegation statement block is added or removed from the router configuration.


This is not the same as the temporary removal you achieve when you right-click a tunnel in the network information table and select Return Delegation to PCC. In that case, control is temporarily returned back to the PCC for a period of time based on the router’s timer statement.


For IOS-XR devices, you must run device collection before doing any LSP delegation. This applies to LSPs that were manually created using the router CLI.

Delegating SR LSPs

As of NorthStar Release 6.0.0, you can delegate SR LSPs to NorthStar using the Configure LSP Delegation tool. SR LSPs are included in the list of LSPs eligible for delegation. Delegating an SR LSP configures it on the router to include the lsp-external-controller pccd statement as shown in the following example:

If there is a failure along the path, NorthStar reroutes the SR LSP around the failed network element.


This capability is only supported for SR LSPs with a single primary path.

The PCC does not track the operational status of SR LSPs past the first hop. To indicate to the PCC that a delegated SR LSP is down, NorthStar sends an empty ERO, and the PCC is expected to respond by tearing down the LSP.


Delegation of SR LSPs is supported on Juniper Networks PCC devices running Junos OS Release 19.4R2, 20.1R1, or later. The empty ERO feature for delegated SR LSPs is supported only on Juniper Networks PCC devices running Junos OS Release 20.4R1 or later. This feature has not been tested with other PCC devices.