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Mapping a Path Computation Client PCEP IP Address

A Path Computation Client (PCC) supports the configurations related to the Path Computation Element (PCE) and communicates with the NorthStar Controller, which by default is configured to accept a PCEP connection from any source address. Use the Device Profile window in the NorthStar Controller web UI to map a PCEP IP address for a PCC device.

A PCEP IP address (the local address of the PCC) is required when both of the following are true:

  • PCEP is established through an IP address that is not supplied in the TED, such as an out-of-band IP address that uses an fxp0 management interface.

  • There is no PCC-owned or PCC-delegated LSP configured on the router.

Before you begin, you must perform the configuration steps described in Configuring PCEP on a PE Router (from the CLI) to configure the PE router as a PCC and establish a connection between the PCC and the NorthStar Controller.

To map a PCEP IP address for a PCC to the NorthStar Controller:

  1. Log in to the NorthStar Controller web UI.
  2. Navigate to More Options>Administration.
  3. From the Administration menu at the far left of the screen, select Device Profile.
  4. The Device List pane shows all the devices in the selected profile along with many of their properties, including the PCEP IP address, if they are already known. If they are not already known, the fields are blank.

    To add or change a PCEP IP address, select the device row and click the Modify button. Figure 1 shows the Modify Device window.

    Figure 1: Modify Device WindowModify Device Window
  5. In the PCEP IP field, enter the PCEP IP address for the PCC.

    You can find the PCEP IP address in the PCE statement stanza block. Either of the following two CLI show commands can help you locate it:

  6. Click Submit.
  7. Repeat this process for each PCC device for which you want to map a PCEP IP address.