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View Static Routes

To view the static route table of a node, you must be in either View, Design, or Simulation mode.

From the Map window, right-click on the node of interest and select View>Static Route Table. Alternatively, select Network > Protocols > Static Route Table.

Interpreting the Static Routing Table

A Static Routing Table window is displayed as shown here.

Figure 1: Viewing static routesViewing static routes




The node from which the static route starts.


Virtual Routing Forwarding identification.

Dest. (IP/Mask)

The IP of the final destination.

Dest. Node

The node name of the final destination.

Admin Distance

The admin distance associated with the static route.

Next Hop Link / Interface

The next immediate link name or interface in the static route.

Next Hop Node / IP

The next node name or IP address in the static route. This may also be the final destination node in some cases.

Next Hop Tunnel

The next immediate tunnel in the static route.

Select a static route to view its details in the lower half of the window.

Click the Show Path button to highlight the static route path in the Map window.