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Importing VPN Information from Router Configuration Files

To import the router configuration files, select File>Import Data and follow the Import Network Wizard. Alternatively, you may run the getipconf program in text mode. For more information, see Router Data Extraction Overview.

The Network tab contains the Specify VPN Options section shown in the following figure.

Figure 1: Configuration Import and VPN OptionsConfiguration Import and VPN Options
  • To extract VPN information from the config files, the user should leave the Ignore VPN checkbox unchecked.

  • Typically, VPNs are constructed by matching import/export route targets; if the ID VPN elements by VRF checkbox is checked, then VRF names will be used for the matching instead.

  • If the Omit PE-CE links checkbox is checked, then links between PE routers and CE routers will be omitted.

  • The user can also specify a PE-CE Connection file that contains information used to stitch up PE-CE links. This is useful when the network re-uses private IP subnets for PE-CE links. The format of the PE-CE Connection file is:PE_name PE_VRF_intf IP_addr_of_PE_VRF_intf VRF CE_name IP_addr_of_CE_intf pe0 serial2/1 vrf-a ce0

    Once all of the options in the different tabs have been selected, click Next> to begin importing the router config files. The generated network model will then be loaded into NorthStar Planner.