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Imagine a scenario where you are migrating from ATM over to IP, and you want to provision tunnels on the IP network to support the various classes of traffic in ATM, such as CBR, VBR, RT, NRT. To use NorthStar Planner to model this, you would follow these steps:

  • Map the four types of ATM traffic to four class types.

  • Partition bandwidth on your interfaces / links for these four classes.

  • Create as many DS-TE LSPs as is necessary to carry the ATM traffic. Specify the class for each DS-TE LSP according the type of ATM traffic it is supposed to carry.

  • Route the DS-TE LSP tunnels over the network. This is done automatically by the tool.

  • Examine where bottlenecks occur, where excess capacity exists, where you need to purchase more bandwidth, etc.

This is just one example of how DS-TE LSPs can be used, but it illustrates many of the steps involved in setting up and utilizing DS-TE LSPs in a network.