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NorthStar Planner Static Routes Overview

The Static Routes chapter describes how to view and modify static route tables. Static routes are used in IP networks and allow very precise control over traffic going through a router. By default, static routes take precedence over routing protocols such as RIP or OSPF to communicate routing information between routers. Static routes are ideal for small networks with a limited number of paths and are particularly well suited for peripheral routers that are connected to one or more networks via only one router. A disadvantage of static routes is its inability to adapt to router or link failures.

The user may add, modify, or delete an entry in any existing static route table.

Prior to beginning this chapter, start up NorthStar Planner and open up a network (e.g., the spec.mpls-fish specification file located in your $WANDL_HOME/sample/IP/fish directory, where $WANDL_HOME is /u/wandl by default). You should also have a general understanding of where and when to use static routes.