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Compliance Assessment Tool Overview

This chapter describes the Paragon Planner Compliance Assessment Tool and how it can help an auditing or operations group check compliance of the network’s configuration files to user built customized rules. This tool can be used to provide alerts when changes to a config file break one of the user-defined rules.

Access to a copy of the network’s configuration files.

For more information on Regular Expressions, refer to the Paragon Planner User Interface Guide appendix on Search Preferences.

The following is a high-level, sequential outline of the compliance assessment tool uses and the associated, recommended procedures.

  1. Creating a New Project

  2. Loading the Configuration Files

  3. Creating Conformance Templates

  4. Reviewing and Saving the Template

  5. Saving and Loading Projects

  6. Run Compliance Assessment Check

  7. Publishing Templates

  8. Running External Compliance Assessment Scripts

  9. Scheduling Configuration Checking in Task Manager

Referred to the following for details regarding configuration rules and template syntax: