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Text Editor

The text editor allows you to edit any text file found on the system via a graphical interface. When a file such as a log file or NorthStar Planner network file is double-clicked, the text editor is launched. When a text file is opened in the text editor, the file name is displayed across the top.

Figure 1: The Text EditorThe Text Editor
Table 1: Text Editor Window Functions




Save the file.

Save As

Save the file under a different name and/or directory.


Print the current file to a printer.


Cuts the selected text being edited.


Copies the selected text being edited.


Pastes any cut or copied text.


Search for or replace a specified string.

Select All

Select and highlight all the text.

Go To

Jump to a certain line in the file.

Show/Hide Line#

Toggles displaying the line numbers.

Filter Line

Displays only the lines with a text match. Supports regular expression. The filter is case sensitive.

Restore to Original Text

Removes any filters and displays the original text.

Font Size

Change the text font size.

Figure 2: The Find and Replace Dialog BoxThe Find and Replace Dialog Box
Table 2: Text Editor Window Find and Replace Functions



Find Text

Specify the text to be searched.

Replace With

Specify the replacement text.

Find Next

Click this button to search for the next occurrence of the text.


Click this button to replace the highlighted text.

Replace All

Click this button to replace all occurrences of the text.

Match Case

Toggles the text search to be case sensitive or insensitive.

Find Backward

Sets the Find/Replace function to search for the text in reverse order toward the beginning of the file.


If you open a file that is larger than 4 MB in size, then NorthStar Planner will launch the text editor in read-only mode. This is to prevent memory over-usage for the system.