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NorthStar Controller Troubleshooting Overview

In the Web UI, the Dashboard View and Event View (Applications>Event View) provide information that can help with troubleshooting.

For additional information to help identify and troubleshoot issues with the Path Computation Server (PCS) or NorthStar Controller application, you can access the log files.


If you are unable to resolve a problem with the NorthStar Controller, we recommend that you forward the debug files generated by the NorthStar Controller debugging utility to JTAC for evaluation. Currently all debug files are located in subdirectories under the u/wandl/tmp directory.

To collect debug files, log in to the NorthStar Controller CLI, and execute the command u/wandl/bin/ filename.

The output is generated and available from the /tmp directory in the filename.tbz2 debug file.

Table 1 lists the NorthStar Controller log files most commonly used to identify and troubleshoot issues with the PCS and PCE. All log files are located under the /opt/northstar/logs directory, with one exception. The pcep_server.log file is located in /var/log/jnc.

Table 1: NorthStar Controller Log Files
Log Files Description


Log events related to the cassandra database.


Log files related to maintaining LSP configuration states in NorthStar Controller. LSP configuration states are updated by collecting show commands and NETCONF provisioning.


HA coordinator log.


Interface to transport controller log.


Log files related to communication between NorthStar Controller and devices via NETCONF sessions.


Configuration script log.


Log events related to nodejs.


Located in /var/log/jnc. Log files related to communication between the PCC and the PCE in both directions.


Log files related to the PCS, which includes any event received by PCS from Toposerver and any event from Toposerver to PCS including provisioning orders. This log also contains any communication errors as well as any issues that prevent the PCS from starting up properly.


Logs files of REST API requests.


Log files related to the topology server.

Contains the record of the events between the PCS and topology server, the topology server and NTAD, and the topology server and the PCE server


Any message forwarded to the pcshandler.log file is also forwarded to the pcs.log file.