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BGP Reports

After the configuration files are imported, select Report > Report Manager and select the Network Reports > Protocols > BGP > BGP Report to check and make sure that the network has no obvious BGP configuration errors. The BGP report includes the following sections:

  • BGP Integrity Check Report—Includes various BGP statistics, including BGP speakers, neighbors, and policies.

  • Neighbor AS Specification Error Check Report—Shows errors related to incorrectly-specified ASs.

  • Unbalanced BGP Neighbor Check Report—Reports any unbalanced neighbor relationships between BGP speakers.

  • IBGP Mesh Connectivity Check Report—Reports if any AS is not fully meshed for IPV4 or VPNV4 address families.

  • Route Reflector Statistics Report—Includes route reflector related information such as hierarchy level and redundancy for IPV4, VPNV4, and L2VPN address families.