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Network Menu: Service Type

The Service Type window accessed from the main menu Network > More > Service Type displays a list of service types defined by you. Service types are defined by you to be used as a template when demands are created or modified. Once a service type is created, you can select it to populate all the demand parameter fields when creating demands.

  • Add: Opens the Add Service Type window to create a new service type.

  • Modify: Opens the Modify Service Type window to modify the selected existing service type.

  • Delete: Deletes the selected service type from the network model.




Displays the name of the service type. This name is specified by you.


Displays the owner for this demand. Owners are defined by selecting Modify > Owners.

Min, Max BW

These fields are only used with the Demand Generation feature (Traffic > Demand Generation > General), during which newly generated demands of the given service type are ensured to have a bandwidth between Min BW and Max BW. That is, a very large generated demand is split into smaller pieces with a maximum bandwidth of Max BW.


Displays the bandwidth required by the demand. Demand overhead is automatically calculated by the program.


Indicates the type of the demand for this service type.


The priority field of the circuit specification consists of two numbers separated by a comma (,), or a forward-slash (/). The first number defines the call priority of the circuit, and the second number the holding priority of the circuit.


Miscellaneous information that might be included in the service type file.


Comments regarding this service type.


This section displays all service types that have been defined by you.