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Importing Cisco VLAN and Spanning Tree Information

To import the files in offline mode, select File>Import Data and follow the Import Network Wizard.

For the Default Input Directory, choose the parent directory containing the network collection folders (config, interface, etc.). For the Output Directory, choose the directory in which to save the project once it is imported. Click Next.

In The Default tab, browse for the VLAN Discovery directory. This can be used to extract VLAN and STP information. For this directory, you can either specify the Intermediates directory, generated from running NorthStar Planner’s VLAN Discovery task in /u/wandl/data/collection/.LiveNetwork/bridge/intermediates. Alternatively, you can specify the bridge directory, generated from running NorthStar Planner’s VLAN discovery, with the SNMP output.

To also extract VLAN information from config files, the user can also import the config files, or specify a dummy config file directory.

Once all the directories are selected, click Next> to begin importing the files in the chosen directories and click Finish. The generated network model will then be loaded into NorthStar Planner.