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Perform Failure Simulation and Assess the Impact

NorthStar Planner includes a full suite of capabilities that allow the user to perform both interactive and exhaustive failure simulation. With regards to P2MP tunnels, one could fail for instance the link on which certain sub-LSPs traverse in order to assess the impact of the damage on the recipients at those sub-LSPs.

For instance, the following two figures show the changes in placement of sub-LSPs after the link between Edmonton and Winnipeg is failed. From the result of failure simulation runs, the user may find further design for redundancy a necessity. Efforts are underway in the IETF to provide FRR support for P2MP tunnels. In addition, application-level redundancy can be provided in the form of the design of a diverse multicast P2MP tree.

Figure 1: Placement of Sub-LSPs Prior to Link FailurePlacement of Sub-LSPs Prior to Link Failure
Figure 2: Changes in Placement of Sub-LSPs After Link FailureChanges in Placement of Sub-LSPs After Link Failure