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Viewing Differences Graphically

To view the differences between the measured interface traffic and model traffic, click the “Show Diff Util” button on the Links tab.

Figure 1: Difference Between Measured and Model TrafficDifference Between Measured and Model Traffic

Note that you can right-click over the color bar to filter for particular colors (version 5.2).

Figure 2: Popup WindowPopup Window
  • Show Selected Color : Toggles the display of this color.

  • Show All : Shows all colors

  • Show None : Hides all original colors, showing gray instead

    For example, you can first select “Show None” and then right-click the topmost color and select “Show Selected Color” to see the links with the most differences.

    The legend at the bottom also allows you to graphically view the links for which there is missing data.

  • Traffic & demand missing : Both measured interface and model traffic are missing

  • Traffic missing : Measured interface traffic is missing, but not model traffic

  • 0 traffic : Measured interface traffic is zero

  • Demand missing : Measured interface traffic is present, but no demands are routed over the link