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NorthStar Planner Routing Protocols Overview

The Routing Protocols chapter describes how to model routing protocols using NorthStar Planner, in particular, interior gateway protocols such as OSPF, ISIS, EIGRP, IGRP, and RIP.

Follow these guidelines to add and modify routing protocol information.

If you wish to perform this task in the NorthStar Planner client, you should have a router specification file open before you begin. To follow along with this tutorial, you can open the spec.mpls-fish specification file located in your $WANDL_HOME/sample/IP/fish directory. ($WANDL_HOME is /u/wandl by default).

If you have an existing set of config files, use getipconf or the Import Data Wizard (via File > Import Data) to parse your config files and create a set of NorthStar Planner input files which contain router interfaces.

For an overview of NorthStar Planner or for a detailed description of each feature and the use of each window, refer to the Router Reference section in this guide or the NorthStar Planner User Interface Guide.

For more information about data extraction, refer to the Router Data Extraction section in this guide.