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New Features

Audit Log

NorthStar Release 6.2.1 supports audit logs. Audit logs keep track of changes to the network model, device configuration models, and system settings that can trigger changes in the network. They report any changes performed by API clients (including the REST API and user interface).

You can view the following information in an audit log:

  • Tasks initiated by using the NorthStar Controller

  • Users who initiated the tasks

  • Resources affected by the tasks

  • Status of the task

  • Date and time the tasks were initiated

For more information, seeAudit Logs.

Enhancement in Collecting Interface Statistics by Using SNMP

NorthStar Release 6.2.1 uses Net-SNMP CLI to collect interface statistics for routers with more than 500 interfaces. The interface statistics collection has been tested for up to 5000 interfaces per router and up to 500,000 interfaces network wide.

See Data Collection Using SNMP in the NorthStar Controller User Guide to configure a router for statistics collection through SNMP.

Support for Link Latency Statistics Aggregation in NorthStar Planner

Starting with NorthStar Release 6.2.1, the NorthStar Planner Desktop application supports collection of link latency statistics aggregation. An option Link Latency has been added to the Traffic > Traffic Aggregation window in the NorthStar Planner Desktop application to enable collection of link latency statistics.

The link latency statistics thus measured is displayed in the Measured_Delay_AZ and Measured_Delay_ZA columns in the Links tab of the Network Info window. The statistics thus generated is logged in the m_linklatency.x file.

Support for Collecting Telemetry Data from MPC10 Cards

NorthStar Release 6.2.0 can process telemetry data from MPC10 cards present on routers running Junos OS when set services analytics streaming-server ns remote-port is set to 3000.