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Set the IGP Routing Method

  1. To change the current IGP routing method , select the Applications>Options>Design, Path Placement options pane. For the Routing Method, the following IGPs can be selected: OSPF, IGRP, EIGRP, and ISIS. To select RIP, use the Constant Distance routing method. Upon changing a routing method, the routing metrics for that routing method will be displayed on the map. (The exception to the rule is if the user hard-coded a metric for each link regardless of the protocol.)
  2. The Max Hop parameter can also be configured from this window to indicate any hop limits for the selected protocol.
  3. Note also the item for “MPLS-Enabled Mode.” If “All Links Enabled” is selected, the program will allow LSP tunnels to be routed on any link. If “User-Specified Per Link” is selected, the program will only allow LSP tunnels to be routed on a link on which MPLS-TE (MPLS traffic engineering) is explicitly enabled.
    Figure 1: Routing MethodRouting Method

    For more information about the other Path Placement options, see the Application Menu chapter in the NorthStar Planner User Interface Guide.