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Application Options

This topic describes router-specific fields in the node, link, interface, demand, and tunnel tables as well as the Application Options windows.

Config Editor

Refer to the NorthStar Planner User Interface Guide for details on the available options.

Design Options > BGP

Design Options > MPLS DS-TE

For more information about the available options, see DiffServ Traffic Engineering Tunnels Overview.

Table 1: Design Options > Path Placement



Allow Negative Available Capacity

This selection specifies whether the available bandwidth of trunks will or will not be checked during path placement. When yes is selected, it will not be checked. When no, it will be checked. Hardware default selection will depend on the hardware specification

MPLS-Enabled Mode

This option allows the user to enable all links as MPLS-enabled, or have them set as specified per link in the Protocols tab of the Link window.

Max. ECMP Count

This number specifies the maximum number of ECMP sub-flows that can be split from one original flow.

Min. ECMP Flow BW

This bandwidth value specifies the minimum bandwidth a flow must have in order to split it into sub-flows.

PIM Mode

This specifies the PIM mode for the multicast feature.

Enable PIM

This option allows the user to enable or disable all links as PIM-enabled.

Design Options > Tunnel Sizing

For more information, see Tunnel Sizing and Demand Sizing Overview.

Failure Simulation > FRR

For more information, see NorthStar Planner Fast Reroute Overview.

Integrity Checks

For more information, see Integrity Check Report Overview.

LSP Tunnel Attributes

To display the tunnel attributes from a customized network, select Tools > Options > General, LSP Tunnel Attributes. The Tunnel Options window is displayed. Type in the name for each tunnel attribute in the textbox corresponding to the desired bit. For more information, see NorthStar Planner LSP Tunnels Overview,.