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NorthStar Planner Power Features



Discrete Event Simulation

Packet-by-packet simulation is available for Frame Relay and Router device models, giving statistics on queueing delays and packet loss ratios.

Domain/Structured Networks

Partitioned or structured networks, including PNNI, are supported by NorthStar Planner. Device-specific support of domains is also correctly modeled.

Traffic Load Analysis

Analysis of real traffic load per demand can be loaded into the software model to obtain a more accurate link utilization for failure simulations. NorthStar Planner can do multi-period load and performance analyses.

Facility Feature

Any number of nodes and/or links can be grouped together in a facility for failure scenarios and reporting options.

Class of Service (CoS) Feature

The class of service feature allows you to classify traffic into four classes, including the strict priority class. With this feature, the accuracy of the NorthStar Planner’s Design and Discrete Event Simulation modules are greatly improved, as the software takes into account all the details of class-based weighted fair queueing (CBWFQ) in its routing process.

Customer Tariff

The customer tariff feature allows you to specify various tariff classes and their rates for the network. Each node is associated with a particular tariff class. All links would then be priced according to its service and the classes of the nodes it connects.

Path Diversity Design

The path diversity design feature allows you to configure demands (or tunnels) on link-disjoint, site-disjoint, or facility-disjoint paths.