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Spec File

The specification file contains a list of the files that characterize a network. Each line specifying a file location should be in the format, keyword=filename, where keyword is the file type name and filename is the file path (either absolute or relative to the path specified in the datadir variable). Note that both keyword and filename are case-sensitive. Following are a list of keywords.



Backbone data files

bblink, demand, domain*, facility*, graphcoord, group, muxloc, newdemand, nodeparam, owner*, site

Cost Files

custrate*, intlratespec*, ratespec, usercost, usercountrycost

Control Files

fixlink, linkdist, nodeweight, rsvbwfile

A specification file also includes the following keywords:

  • runcode default file extension when saving files

  • datadir default input file directory prefix

  • ratedir tariff database directory

  • dparam file containing design parameters

For keywords for hardware-specific files, please see the appropriate document.