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IGP Metric Modification from the NorthStar Controller

You can change the IGP metric from within the NorthStar Controller web UI, without having to configure anything on the router. Modifying metrics is one way to cause the path selection process to favor one path over the other available paths.


Interface data must have been collected using a Netconf device collection task as described in Scheduling Device Collection for Analytics before you can modify IGP metrics.

To modify IGP metrics from within the web UI, perform the following steps:

  1. In the Link tab of the network information table, highlight the link to be modified. Click Modify at the bottom of the table to display the Modify Link window.

  2. Click the Configuration tab where you can change the ISIS Level1, ISIS Level2, or OSPF metric for either side of the link, or for both sides.


    If the Configuration tab is not available, device collection has not been run.

  3. Click the Properties tab and add a description of the change you are making in the Comment field. This is optional, but we recommend it because it serves as a reference if you want to revert to the original metric.

  4. Click Submit. A confirmation window is displayed. Click Yes to continue.

    If your system uses BGP-LS for topology acquisition, only the TE metric can be immediately updated in the web UI. To retrieve and display other updated metrics (ISIS1, ISIS2, OSPF), right-click the link in the network information table and select Run Device Collection.

    If your system is configured to use IGP adjacency for topology acquisition, this step is not necessary because all metrics are immediately updated.