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Viewing the Details of a Remote Profile in Security Director

You can view the details of remote profiles, which allows you to view information about the remote profile at a quick glance on one page, from the Remote Profiles page.

To view the details of a remote profile:

  1. Select Administration > Users & Roles > Remote Profiles.

    The Remote Profiles page appears.

  2. Double-click the remote profile for which you want to view the details. (Alternatively, select a remote profile and select View Remote Profile Details from the shortcut menu, or click the Detailed View icon, which appears when you mouse over a remote profile entry, to view the details.)

    The Remote Profiles Details page appears. Table 1 describes the fields on this page.

Table 1: Remote Profiles Details Page Fields




Name of the remote profile.


Description of the remote profile.

View Jobs

Indicates whether the user assigned to the remote profile can view only the jobs triggered by that user or all jobs.

Assigned Roles

Indicates the roles that are associated with the remote profile.

Available Domains

Indicates the domains that are associated with the remote profile.

Role Summary

Displays the hierarchy of tasks that are assigned to the role selected in the Assigned Role field.