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Block Users

You can block users from accessing either all applications or only selected applications. The block operation requires the listed policy rules to be edited to block the users from accessing one or more applications. You can view policy changes by clicking the policy name or view affected devices by clicking the device count. You see only policies permitting this traffic in the past 30 days.


Starting in Junos Space Security Director Release 21.1, when unified policy rules permit the traffic, selecting block action creates block rules in the appropriate unified policy.

To block a user:

  1. Select Monitor > Applications.

    The Application Visibility page is displayed.

  2. Click the USERS tab.

    The top 50 users are displayed.

  3. In the Chart View, hover over a user you want to block.

    A pop up window is displayed with information on the bandwidth, number of sessions, top five applications, view all applications link, and options to block users and their applications.


    When you click the number of sessions link, the All Events page is displayed. It displays the events that generated those sessions.

    Click the View All Applications link to display the applications accessed by the user.

  4. Click Block User to block the selected IP address or username from accessing all the applications.

    The Block User page is displayed with policies that contain the rules required to block the user. The listed policies will be edited to block the selected user from accessing all applications.


    You can select an application you want to block and click Block Application(s).

    The Block Application page is displayed with policies that contain the rules required to block the user from accessing a particular application.

  5. Click a policy to preview the policy details.

    The Policy Changes Preview page is displayed with information on number of rules added, modified, and deleted. You can preview the policy details. You can attach or add a schedule under the Rule options column.

  6. Click OK.
  7. Click Save to save your changes.
  8. Click Publish to publish your policies.
  9. Click Update to update your policies on devices.