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Install Security Director

In Junos Space Security Director, a single image installs Security Director, Log Director, and the Security Director Logging and Reporting modules. You must deploy the Log Collector and then add it to the Security Director to view the log data in the Dashboard, Events and Logs, Reports, and Alerts pages.


Both JSA as Log Collector and Security Director Insights as Log Collector cannot be added together.


Upgrade to the supported release of Junos Space Network Management Platform Release. See Upgrade Junos Space Network Management Platform.

To install the Junos Space Security Director:


You must install the Junos Space 24.1R1 hot patch v1 before installing or upgrading Junos Space Security Director application.

  1. Download the Junos Space Security Director Release image from the download site.

  2. Install the Security Director application using the procedure at Adding a Junos Space Application.


The applogic service restarts after the application installation job is successful.