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Setting the Purge Policy

The purge policy enables you to purge the attack packets from the database based on the configured days or the storage space. Junos Space Security Director deletes packets when either of the conditions is met. You can set the purge policy based on the time and storage.

To set the purge policy:

  1. Select Monitor > Packet Capture.

    The Packets Captured page is displayed.

  2. Click Purge.

    The Set Purge Policy page is displayed.

  3. Enter the details according to the guidelines in Table 1.
  4. Click OK.
Table 1: Purge Policy Setting



Time-based policy (days)

Number of days an attack entry is available in the database. The default number of days is 60.

Storage-based policy (MB)

Maximum space that the database can occupy. The default storage space is 500 MB.


Cleanup takes place once every day at 1 AM.