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Assigning Devices to Policies

Once you create a group or device policy, you can assign devices to it.

To assign devices to a policy:

  1. Select Configure >Policy-Name Policy > Policies.

    The Policies landing page appears.

  2. Right-click the policy to which you want to assign devices, or select Assign Devices from the More menu.

    The Assign Devices page appears. The Name field shows the name of the selected policy and is not editable.

  3. Select the Show only devices without policy assigned check box.

    Only devices that are not assigned to any policy are displayed in the Device Selection section.

  4. Select the devices you want to add to the policy from the Available column and click the right arrow to move these devices to the Selected column.

    There is an option to search for devices in the Selected column on the Assign Devices page. By default, all selected devices are sorted in a list and you can search for devices again, if required.

  5. Click OK to assign the selected devices to the selected policy.

    If you do not have permission to certain devices, those devices are not visible while assigning devices to a new or existing policy.