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Retrying a Failed Job on Devices in Security Director

You can retry jobs that did not complete successfully on devices where they were configured to run from the Job Management page. Retrying a failed job allows you to save time because you do not need to create the job again and execute it, but can retry the failed job.

The following jobs can be retried if they fail:

  • Deploy Configuration

  • Discover Network Elements

  • Reboot Devices

  • Resynchronize Network Elements

To retry a job on the devices on which it failed:

  1. Select Monitor > Job Management.

    The Job Management page appears.

  2. Select the job that you want to retry. From the right-click or More menu, select Retry on failed devices.

    The Retry on Job-Name page appears, displaying the list of devices on which you can retry the job.

  3. Specify the parameters for the job retry according to the guidelines provided in Table 1.
  4. Click OK to retry the jobs.

    The Job Details page appears displaying the details of the job.

  5. Click OK.

    You are returned to the Job Management page.

Table 1: Retry Job Settings



Evict CLI/J-Web edit mode users

Select the option to terminate CLI/J-Web edit mode user session.

Starting in Security Director Release 21.3R1 hot patch v3, when you retry the update job on devices that failed due to device lock failures, you can terminate CLI user sessions on a device from Security Director.


Specify whether the job should be run immediately or later. If you specify that the operation should be run later, you must specify a start date and time (in MM/DD/YYYY and HH:MM:SS 24-hour or AM/PM formats) for the job.


Specify whether the job should be done on a recurring basis.

This field is displayed if the job was created as a recurring job.


Specify the periodicity of the recurrence:

  • Minutes

  • Hourly

  • Daily (default)

  • Weekly

  • Monthly

  • Yearly


Specify the period at which the job retry should recur. For example, if you specified a periodicity in hours (Hourly), enter the number of hours after which the job retry should recur.


Specify one or more days on which you want the job to recur.


This field is displayed only when you specify a weekly periodicity (Weekly).

The day on which the retry is scheduled is disabled. For example, if you scheduled the retry on a Wednesday, then Wed is selected by default and disabled. You can select other days by enabling the corresponding check boxes.


Specify one of the following:

  • Select Never to continue (without an end date) the recurring operation at the specified recurrence interval.

  • Select On and specify a date and time on which to stop the recurring operation.


Displays a summary of the recurrence.