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Create Address Pool

An address pool is a set of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses available for allocation to users, such as in host configurations with the DHCP. An address-assignment pool supports IPv4 address. You can create centralized IPv4 address pools independent of the client applications that use the pools.

To create an address pool:

  1. Click the + icon.

    The Create Address Pool page is displayed.

  2. Configure according to the guidelines in Table 1.
  3. Click the + icon to configure a named range of IPv4 addresses, used within an address-assignment pool.
  4. Enter the lower and upper limit of an address range.
  5. Click OK.
Table 1: Address Pool Configuration Parameters




Pool Name

Enter the name of the address pool.

Network Address

Enter the network address used by the address pool.

XAUTH Attributes

Primary DNS Server

Enter the primary DNS IP address.

Secondary DNS Server

Enter the secondary DNS IP address.

Primary WINS Server

Enter the primary Windows IP address.

Secondary WINS Server

Enter the secondary Windows IP address.