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Email Attachments Scanning Overview

A record is kept of all file metadata sent to the cloud for inspection. These are files downloaded by hosts and found to be suspicious based on known signatures From the main page, click the file’s signature to view more information, such as file details, what other malware scanners say about this file, and a complete list of hosts that downloaded this file.


You must select a ATP Cloud realm from the available pulldown.

Export Data—Click the Export button to download file scanning data to a CSV file. You are prompted to narrow the data download to a selected time-frame.

Table 1 shows the information available on this page.

Table 1: Email Attachments Scanning Data Fields



File Signature

A unique identifier located at the beginning of a file that provides information on the contents of the file. The file signature can also contain information that ensures the original data stored in the file remains intact and has not been modified.

Threat Level

The threat score.

Date Scanned

The date and time the file was scanned.


The name of the file, including the extension.


The email address of the intended recipient.


The email address of the sender.

Malware Name

The type of malware found.


Indicates whether the file was blocked or permitted.


The type of file. Examples: PDF, executable, document.