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Upgrade Security Director Insights

Table 1 shows Security Director Insights upgrade path.

Table 1: Upgrade Path

Upgrading to Release

Upgrade Path

Security Director Insights 23.1R1

22.3R1 > 23.1R1

Security Director Insights 22.3R1

22.2R1 > 22.3R1

Security Director Insights 22.2R1

22.1R1 > 22.2R1

Security Director Insights 22.1R1

21.3R1 > 22.1R1

Security Director Insights 21.3R1

21.2R1 > 21.3R1

To upgrade from a previous version of Security Director Insights:

  1. Download the release image from the download site to a location (virtual machine) that is accessible from Security Director Insights.
  2. Type server to switch to the server mode of CLI.
  3. Copy the upgrade package to Security Director Insights:

    set system-update copy user@ip_addr:/location.

    Figure 1: Copy the Upgrade PackageCopy the Upgrade Package

    You can host the upgrade file to any location that is accessible by secure copy protocol (scp).

  4. Check the copy progress:

    show system-update copy.

    Figure 2: Check Copy ProgressCheck Copy Progress
  5. Check the available upgrade versions:

    show system-update versions.

    Figure 3: Available Upgrade VersionsAvailable Upgrade Versions
  6. Start the upgrade process:

    set system-update start software <version-number>.

    Use the <tab> key to select the software version number.

    Figure 4: Start Upgrade ProcessStart Upgrade Process
  7. Monitor the status of upgrade:

    show system-update status.

    Figure 5: Monitor Upgrade StatusMonitor Upgrade Status