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Junos Space Store Overview

The Junos Space store displays the latest compatible versions of the Junos Space applications, which can be installed or upgraded on the current version of Junos Space Network Management Platform. Starting in Junos Space Security Director Release 18.2R1, you can install or upgrade Junos space Security Director application from the Junos Space store on the Network Management Platform.

You must configure the Juniper Networks Software download credentials to connect to Junos Space store. The Junos Space store lists the latest available applications.

The Junos Space Network Management Platform accesses the metadata repository hosted by Juniper Networks to discover the available applications and published versions. When you initiate an install or upgrade for Security Director application or its components, the package path is identified from the metadata file and package is downloaded. This reduces the manual effort of downloading the application package from the download site and then uploading it to the Junos Space Network Management Platform server, thereby enhancing the installation and upgrade process.

You can view whether a Security Director application version is supported on the current Junos Space Network Management Platform version, even before initiating install or upgrade. Junos Space store allows the component configuration while installing Security Director. It limits the component configuration when you try to upgrade Security Director.


The earlier method of installing and Upgrading Security Director application documented in Install Security Director and Upgrade Security Director are still applicable. You can choose to install using the existing method or through the Junos Space store.