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Resolved Issues

This section lists the issues fixed in Junos Space Security Director 21.3R1:

For the most complete and latest information about resolved issues, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

  • There are issues with top-talker and top source IPs by bandwidth reports. PR1587200

  • Proxy ARP delete commands are generated though the proxy ARP setting is enabled. PR1598341

  • There are issues with policy update after you rename objects. PR1601704

  • Policy update to cluster devices fails without any error message. PR1602370

  • When the application name is Any, there is a dynamic application name mismatch between SRX Series device and Security Director. PR1603010

  • There is an issue with the SRX Series device packet capture timestamp. PR1603617

  • Network Management Platform causes MySQL packet.db tables to increase over 17 GB and create issues on node replication. PR1607509

  • There is an error while calculating rules to publish. PR1608285

  • The SRX Series device import fails. PR1609767

  • VPN monitoring does not work as expected. PR1611051

  • Multiple auto policy sync jobs are generated for a single commit. PR1613144

  • Deletion of all devices from the top check box in Security Director does not work. PR1618523

  • Security Director does not import addresses from a CSV file. PR1623570

  • Security Director sets antispam and web-filtering CLIs after import. PR1619077

  • Address object import from a CSV file fails. PR1623265

  • Security Director does not fetch user details from Juniper® Identity Management Service (JIMS). PR1621785

  • If you are using a device running Junos OS Release 21.1R1 and later, due to apptrack changes, you are unable to view application data in Security Director. PR1502587