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Prerequisites for Firewall Ports for Network Director Management

This section describes the prerequisites for firewall ports for the Network Director 7.1R1.

The Table 1 lists the protocol ports must be open between the Junos Space Network Management Platform server and the devices to discover and manage devices for Network Director.

Table 1: Firewall Ports for Network Director Management
Ports Scope

Enables SSH connections

If you have changed the SSH port to a port other than port 22 on your Network Management Platform, you must change the SSH ports on your managed devices to the port that the Network Management Platform uses.


Configures SNMP traps

Network Director receives traps from managed devices on this port. (After you install Network Director, use Network Director to configure SNMP on your devices to send traps to Network Director on this port).

21 (TCP) and 69 (UDP) Uploads the software image and configuration file to the FTP server
8282 Connects to the DLE
8774, 9696, 9292, 8777, 35357, and 8776 Access OpenStack and VMware NSX APIs.

You can verify that the ports are open to the devices by logging in to the Network Management Platform CLI and executing the nmap command. For example, to verify that port 8889 is open to a controller, enter: