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Assigning and Unassigning Devices to a Location

You can assign devices or remove assignments from devices by their location. Your choices for device assignment are dependent upon the type of device and your position in the site. For details on which devices can be assigned to a location node, see the Devices that can be Assigned to each Location Component table from the Setting Up the Location View.

This topic describes:

How to Assign or Unassign Devices

To assign devices to a specific location:

While in Build mode,

  1. Select Location View from the list in the View pane.

    The network tree displays discovered devices under the physical locations already defined in Network Director. The root node (for example, My Network) is selected by default. The devices that are assigned to the locations are displayed under the nodes for respective locations, such as buildings and floors. All devices that are not assigned to any location are displayed under the Unassigned node.

  2. Navigate the network tree to the location where you want to add a device.

    Both the Tasks pane and Device Inventory page update to reflect the location’s current configuration.

  3. Select one of the following tasks in the pane to open Add/Remove Devices for Selected Location.
    • Assign Devices to Building

    • Assign Device to a Floor

    • Assign Devices to a Wiring Closet

    • Assign Devices to an Outdoor Location

  4. Navigate the tree to find an available device under Unassigned in the left portion of the page.
  5. Select the device and click the double right arrows to assign it to the target location on the right. To unassign a device, select the device in the Assigned Devices to Selected Location column and click the double left arrows. Repeat this step until you have finished assigning and unassigning devices.
  6. Click OK at the bottom of the page to save the assignment. The network tree refreshes to display the device in the new location.

Assigning Devices

Use the Add/Remove Devices for Selected Location to find a device and assign it to a location within a site. Locate the device in the Available Devices column and assign it by clicking the double right arrows. Use the same method to unassign a device by selecting it in the Assigned Devices to Selected Location column and double clicking the double left arrows.

You can assign switches, Virtual Chassis devices and members and corresponding member devices to buildings, floors, aisles, and closets.

While assigning Virtual Chassis devices to a location within a site, you can either assign the logical device—Virtual Chassis—as a single device or one or more member devices that belong to these logical devices, but not both.


Network Director displays the Virtual Chassis in the Location view network tree only if the following conditions are met:

  • Virtual Chassis is assigned to a location.

  • At least one of their member devices are not assigned to any location entity.

If all the member devices are assigned to location entities, then the Virtual Chassis is not displayed in the network tree.