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Status Monitor for Switches and Routers

This monitor provides key information about the status for a standalone switch or a router when the device is selected in any of the views. This monitor is on the Equipment tab in Monitor mode.

Table 1 describes the fields in this monitor.

Table 1: Status Monitor Fields



Serial Number

Indicates the hardware serial number of the device.

IP Address

Indicates the IP address of the device.


Indicates the amount of time since the last boot of the unit in days, hours, minutes, and seconds.


Indicates whether the device is up or down.

Used MAC Addresses

Indicates the number of MAC addresses in use on the device.

Used VLANs

Indicates the number of VLAN memberships for this device.

Last Configured Time

Indicates the date and time when the device was last configured.

Temperature (°C)

Indicates the ambient temperature (in degrees Celsius).

Junos Version

Indicates the version and release level of Junos OS running on the device.