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Troubleshooting Device Discovery Error Messages

While you are discovering devices by using Network Director, you might encounter some issues. Network Director enables you to detect the errors and provide solutions to the potential errors that you encounter.

Error Message


Error Messages Displayed During Discovery of EX Series Switches

SSH connection failed. Device might not be reachable.

For EX Series switches, Network Director connects to port 22 (default port) on the Junos Space Virtual Appliance by using SSH. Ensure that you have configured port 22 on the Space appliance through Administration > Applications in the Junos Space Plattform page. To do this, select Network Application Platform and click Actions > Modify Application Settings. Change SSH port for device connection field to 22.

If port 22 is open on the Junos Space Appliance, and you still get the error, then check if port 22 is open on the switch and if the switch is accepting SSH connections on port 22.

User Authentication failed.

Check the read and write credentials used during device discovery.

Device is not reachable.

If ping is enabled during device discovery, then check whether the switch is reachable using the CLI command ping.

Junos Space is unable to query the device information through SNMP. Check the SNMP settings on the device to verify SNMP is not blocked and the SNMP settings specified in Junos Space match the device SNMP settings.

If the SNMP option is enabled in Network Director during device discovery, check and ensure that SNMP is enabled on the switch. Also, check and ensure that the SNMP settings on Network Director and Junos Space match with the SNMP settings on the switch.

General Error Messages

Device Failed to return System information.

This message is displayed if the switch is too busy to respond to operational commands. Try discovering the device again.

Failed to configure device, Check Device state.

Check whether the Edit lock is open on the switch and close it if it is open. The configuration commit fails if the Edit lock is open.

Device has been added, but failed to synchronize. Please try manual re-synchronization. Error while reading config from device: device_name, Detail - Fail while executing following RPC: <get-configuration database=committed><configuration></configuration></get-configuration>

Try to resynchronize the devices manually. For details, see Resynchronizing Device Configuration.

Error while reading config from device: device-name Failed while executing the following RPC: <get-hardware-inventory/>

Check the hardware details of the switch using the CLI command show chassis hardware detail.

If the output displays a message error: command is not valid, then the Junos OS image on the specified switch is corrupted and you need to upgrade to the latest version of Junos OS.