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Understanding Network Director User Administration

Network Director uses the user administration features of the Junos Space platform on which it runs. Use Junos Space for tasks such as adding, deleting, and editing user accounts and roles, and changing user passwords. Refer to the Junos Space documentation for information about user administration.

When Network Director is installed, some additional user administration options are available in Junos Space, which are specific to Network Director:

  • In addition to the Super Administrator role, the following predefined roles are available for Network Director users:

    Network Director - Admin

    Has access to all the Network Director tasks. This role is the system administrator role and has full privileges.

    Network Director - Engineer

    Has access to either all the device management tasks or only those device management sub-tasks to which the Engineer role is mapped. These users can also view the device monitoring and fault management tasks.

    Network Director - Monitor

    Has access to monitor the network status and performance or view the faults to determine the health of your network and take appropriate action.

    Network Director - Configuration Approver

    Has access to provide additional privileges to approve the configuration changes in addition to all the tasks that a Config Admin can perform.

    Network Director - Image Admin

    Has access to all the image management tasks.

    Network Director - Config Admin

    Has access to create, edit, delete, assign, deploy profiles, and manage fabrics (VCF and IP Fabric).

  • You can create custom roles to grant users different access rights to the Network Director modes, group, dashboard widgets, and tasks. Users can access only those portions of the navigation hierarchy to which they are explicitly granted access through access privileges.

If you try to log in to Network Director using an account that does not have access rights to any Network Director modes, you will be redirected to Junos Space instead.

Access to Network Director system preferences is controlled by user access rights. For more information, see Setting Up User and System Preferences.