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Viewing Audit Logs From Network Director

Audit logs are generated for login activity and tasks that are initiated from the Network Director application. The Audit Logs page displays the logs for all user-initiated activities.

You can do the following on the Audit Logs page:

  • Sort, filter, and search the log entries using the standard table manipulation features in Network Director.

  • Obtain more information about a log entry by double-clicking the entry or by selecting the entry and clicking Show Details. The Audit Log Details window is displayed.

  • For a user-initiated task that runs as a job, you can obtain more information about the job by clicking the job ID in the Job ID column.

To display the Audit Logs page:

  1. Click System in the Network Director banner.
  2. Select View Audit Logs from the Tasks pane.

    The Audit Logs page is displayed with the fields listed in Table 1.

Table 1: Audit Logs Page Fields



User Name

The login ID of the user that initiated the task

User IP

The IP address of the client computer from which the user initiated the task


The name of the task that triggered the audit log


The data and time when the user initiated the task


The execution result of the task that triggered the audit log:

  • Success—Job completed successfully

  • Failure—Job failed and was terminated

  • Job Scheduled—Job is scheduled but has not yet started


A description of the audit log

Job ID

The job ID for any task that runs as a job