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Comparing Device Statistics

This topic describes how to compare statistics from multiple network devices and interfaces in real time. You select which devices, interfaces, and counters to compare, and how often to poll for new statistics.

This topic describes:

Procedure for Comparing Device Statistics

  1. Click Monitor in the Network Director banner.

    You can compare device statistics in any tab in Monitor mode.

  2. In the Tasks pane, select Tasks > Compare Device Statistics.

    The Compare Interfaces window opens. For information about this window, click the Help button in the title bar of the window or see Compare Interfaces Window.

Compare Interfaces Window

The Compare Interfaces window enables you to compare statistics from multiple device interfaces in real time. The search scope is the entire managed network, regardless of which node is selected in the View pane.

To compare device statistics:

  1. Select the devices to compare from the device tree in the Select Devices section.
  2. Select a device in the Selected Devices section to select which of its interfaces to compare.

    The Select Interfaces section lists the device’s interfaces. You can select up to two interfaces per device.

  3. Select an Interface in the Select Interfaces section to select which of its counters to compare.

    The Select Counters section lists the interface’s counters.

  4. Select the counters to compare in the Select Counters section.
  5. Repeat the process of selecting devices, interfaces, and counters to compare until you are finished selecting what to compare.
  6. Select how often the data will be refreshed from the Data Collection Frequency list.
  7. Click the Compare button to start comparing information.

    A page opens containing a line graph for each counter you selected. Each graph displays all the interfaces for which its counter is selected.

  8. To pause data collection, click the Pause button. To resume data collection, click the Resume button.
  9. To change data collection settings, click the Back button.