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Access vs. Uplink Port Utilization Trend Monitor

The Access vs. Uplink Port Utilization Trend monitor shows trends in the bandwidth utilization of access and uplink ports within the selected node device. It is available on the Summary tab in Monitor mode.


After a device is discovered, trend data does not appear immediately—it appears only after three polling periods have occurred.

The information is shown in a line graph. The vertical axis shows bandwidth utilization percentage. The horizontal axis shows the times when data was polled. At each poll, the bandwidth utilization percentage of each port type (access and uplink) is indicated by a dot. The dots are connected by lines to show the trend over time.

You can perform the following actions on the line graph:

  • Change the time period over which to display the traffic trends by selecting a time period from the list in the upper right corner.

  • Highlight a line in the graph by mousing over the line’s legend.

  • Remove or restore a line by clicking its legend.

  • Display a numeric value by mousing over where a vertical grid line crosses a data line.