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Viewing Virtual Machines

EX Series switches (standalone and Virtual Chassis) and QFX Series switches in your network can be connected to one or more ESX/ESXi hosts. Each host can have one of more virtual machines running on them.

You can use the View Virtual Machine task to view details about virtual machines that are connected to a switch.

To view the virtual machines

  1. While in the Logical View with Build mode selected, select the standalone switch or virtual chassis for which you want to view the connected hosts.
  2. Click Connectivity > View Virtual Machines from the Tasks pane.
  3. The View Virtual Machines table displays the details of the virtual machines that are connected to the selected switch. Table 1 describes the fields in this table:
    Table 1: Manage Virtual Machines Page Field Descriptions



    Switch Port

    The switch port on the physical switch that is connected to the host.


    Name of the host on which the virtual machine is running.

    Host NIC

    The network adapter on the host that connects the physical switch to the host.


    The VLANs configured on the physical switch port.

    Virtual Machines

    The name of the virtual machines that are running on the given host.

    Mouse over this field to view the number of virtual machines that are running on the host.