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Assigning Profiles to an Interface, Device, or a Group of Devices

After you create an authorization profile, CoS profile, device common settings profile, fabric profile, FC Gateway services profile, filter profile, port profile, VLAN profile, and Local Switching profile, you can assign each of these profile to an interface, device, or a group of devices.

To assign a profile:

  1. Click in the Network Director banner.
  2. Under Select View, select either Logical View, Location View, Device View or Custom Group View.

    Do not select Dashboard View or Topology View.

  3. From the Tasks pane, select the type of network (Wired), the appropriate functional area (System or AAA), and select the name of the profile that you want to create. For example, to create a port profile for a wired device, click Wired > Profiles > PORT. The Manage Profile page opens.
  4. Select the profile that you want to assign and click Assign.

    The Assign Authorization Profile page appears displaying a hierarchal list of network objects that is already defined or discovered for your network.

  5. Select a level and click Next to view the objects available at that level.
  6. Select one or more devices or groups from the list.

    If Network Director fails to read the configuration of one or more devices after the device discovery, such devices are not displayed in the Assign Profile page. You will not be able to assign profiles to such devices. The Manage Jobs page in System mode displays details of the device discovery jobs. Use the information displayed on this page to take appropriate corrective steps to enable Network Director to reread the configuration of the failed device. For more information, see Discovering Devices in a Physical Network.

  7. If you want to view the existing assignment of a device, select it and click View Assignments.

    The Profile Details window opens displaying the device’s current profile assignment.

    Click Close to close the window.

  8. If you want to remove an existing assignment from a device, select it and click Remove. The system removes the assignment from the selected device.
  9. Do one of the following to assign the Authorization profile to a device:
    • Click Assign > Assign to Device to assign the Authorization profile to the selected devices.

  10. Click Next or Review.

    The system displays the associations that you created. To modify any of these assignments, click Edit or Profile Association.

  11. Click Finish to save the profile associations.

    After you click Finish, the Create Profile Assignments Job Details window opens with a report on the status of the profile assignment job. If you have assigned the profile to a large number of objects, the profile assignment job can take some time to complete. Instead of waiting for the Job Details window to report job completion status, you can close it and check the details of the profile assignment job at a later time using the Manage Job task in System mode.


    If any assignment fails, the profile assignment job fails and none of the assignments are created. Check the details for the profile assignment job for information about why the assignment failed.