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Retrieving Chassis Inventory and Interfaces

SRX Series chassis cluster inventory and interface information is gathered to monitor the hardware components and the interfaces on the cluster. The primary node contains information about the secondary node components and interfaces.

Using the Junos OS XML Management Protocol or NETCONF XML Management Protocol

  • Use the get-chassis-inventory remote procedure call (RPC) to get the chassis inventory. This RPC reports components on both the primary and secondary nodes. For more information, see Managing SRX Series Chassis Clusters Using RPCs.

  • Use the get-interface-information RPC to get the interfaces inventory. This RPC reports information about the interfaces on the secondary node except for the fxp0 interface.

See the Junos XML API Operational Developer Reference for details about using the RPCs and their responses.

Using SNMP

  • Use the jnx-chas-defines MIB to understand the SRX Series chassis structure and modeling. This MIB is not for querying. It is only used to understand the chassis cluster modeling.

    Sample Chassis Definition MIB

  • Use the following command to view the SNMP MIB.

  • Use the jnx-chassis MIB to get the chassis inventory.

    Table 1: jnx-chassis MIB Information

    MIB Item


    Top of MIB

    Use the top-level objects to show chassis details such as the jnxBoxClass, jnxBoxDescr, jnxBoxSerialNo, jnxBoxRevision, and jnxBoxInstalled MIB objects.


    Use to show the containers that the device supports.


    Use to show the chassis contents.


    Use to show which components belong to which node.


    Use to check the LED status of the components. This MIB only reports the LED status of the primary node.


    Use to show the empty/filled status of the container in the device containers table.


    Use to show the operating status of Operating subjects in the box contents table.


    Use to show redundancy details on both nodes. Note that currently this MIB only reports on the Routing Engines. Both Routing Engines are reported as the primary of the respective nodes. Do not use this to determine the active and backup status.


    Use to show the field-replaceable unit (FRU) in the chassis. Note that even the empty slots are reported.


    The jnx-chassis MIB is not supported on SRX Series branch devices in cluster mode. It is supported on standalone SRX Series branch devices.

    Chassis MIB Walk Example

  • ifTable—Use to show all the interfaces on the cluster. Note that except for the fxp0 interface on the secondary node, all interfaces of the secondary node are reported by the primary node.

  • jnx-if-extensions/ifChassisTable—Use to show the interface mapping to the respective PIC and FPC.

  • ifStackStatusTable—Use to show the sub-interfaces and respective parent interfaces.