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Tracking Applications on an SRX Series Chassis Cluster

AppTrack, an application tracking tool, provides statistics for analyzing bandwidth usage of your network. When enabled, AppTrack collects byte, packet, and duration statistics for application flows in the specified zone. By default, when each session closes, AppTrack generates a message that provides the byte and packet counts and the duration of the session, and sends it to the host device. An AppTrack message is similar to session log messages and uses syslog or structured syslog formats. The message also includes an application field for the session. If AppTrack identifies a custom-defined application and returns an appropriate name, the custom application name is included in the log message.

Management stations can subscribe to receive log messages for application tracking. An SRX Series device can support a high volume of these log messages (minimum 1000 log messages per second). Management stations should be able to handle this volume. The log messages are available through the management interface of both the primary and secondary nodes. Additional care should be taken that the external server receiving these log messages is reachable by both nodes. See the Junos OS Security Configuration Guide for information about configuring application identification and tracking.